To make sure your sentences are just right.

Die Leserei in Bern provides proofreading and editing services. We proofread and edit your German, English, and French texts.

Proofreading at Die Leserei

No mistake will go unnoticed. This small but highly sophisticated proofreading agency will clear up your typing mistakes in German, English and/or French texts and eliminate mistakes. You can choose between three different types of service: proofreading plus, conventional proofreading, and editing. We can also offer you a made-to-measure service.

Proofreading or editing?

The borderline between proofreading and editing is not always very clear. Here is the basic rule: while the proofreader makes sure there is nothing in the text which is obviously wrong, the editor is concerned with appropriate style, readability, in short: the finishing touch. At Die Leserei, our proofreading plus service offers both proofreading and editing in one. For you, this means added value, as you get more for your money!

Made-to-measure proofreading

Our proofreading service at Die Leserei is straightforward and adapted to your individual needs. Thanks to many years of professional experience in a variety of areas within the field of proofreading, our team at Die Leserei can offer just the exact services you need. Which means you will not be paying for anything you do not want doing. Please do not hesitate to ask for a made-to-measure proposal.

Trial reading

I am happy to proofread an excerpt of your text as a trial. This will help me to get an initial idea of your text and it will help us here at Die Leserei to prepare a detailed proposal for you. Feel free to send us your texts any time you want.

Proofreading texts with style …

… and understanding. Your proofreader, Anna Dätwyler, proofreads and edits competently, carefully, and rigorously – and she understands spelling, grammar and typography issues as well as the need to use just the right style. We want to make sure each and every sentence fits.

Procedure tailored to your text

Depending on the stage your text is at, the proofreading can be done with either a scan and handwritten corrections, with a PDF document and corrections in the form of comments, or with a word document, using track changes – whichever is more suitable. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be pleased to help you with my advice.

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